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seeing lights with Nathan Orsman for Manhattan Magazine

It was a pleasure shooting Nathan Orsman for Modern Luxury Manhattan. A lighting designer, Nathan appreciates the complexities of lighting in a room as much as we do! For his portrait, we went to the setting for his most recent lighting project, the Maccarone Gallery. Nathan came from sunny Australia and to NYC to literally dress the city in lights! We are digging the contemporary vibe the easy going designer exudes alongside his work.


wedding visonary: Preston Bailey

We photographed Preston Bailey whose claim to fame are beautiful and elaborate floral sculptures that are the signature of his event design business. Shooting on location often allows us to capture our subjects at their most comfortable and relaxed state. His offices were overflowing with elaborately arranged details like silk flowers, pearls, and crystals. You could tell Preston, who has a great sense of humor, was truly in his own element surrounded by his favorite materials and inspirations!


inspirational lady of the week: Coralie Charriol Paul

We love shooting women who know how to balance both their careers and their passions. Creative Director and Vice President of her father’s luxury jewelry brand, Charriol, Coralie Charriol Paul also runs a non-profit with her husband Dennis Paul called React to Film. The organization strives to teach social issues through film by holding monthly screenings of documentaries in NYC. Did we mention that she’s also expecting her third child?  Coralie is truly an inspiration–check out Manhattan Magazine‘s March issue for the article!


behind the scenes with Nathan Orsman

We had a blast photographing the dashing and talented Nathan Orsman at Maccarone Gallery for Manhattan Magazine. Nathan designed the lighting for the gallery which gorgeously complimented the artwork. Hilarious, fashionable, and charming – we couldn’t ask for a better subject! Not to mention, the incredible gallery setting made for some unique portraits, with clean and contemporary track lighting adding to the backdrop.